Hi, so you’ve found your way across to my blog and reviews site and now you wonder who, what, why and where??

Well, firstly, i’m Steve. I’ve grown up on the family farm in Berkshire, run an agricultural contracting company and worked on construction sites for over 20 years, i’ve worked with machinery of all types and sizes from lawnmowers and hand tools right up to combines, forage harvesters and large 50t or above excavators so i think i’ve gained a fair insight into machinery, it’s uses, plus’s and bad points!

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I’m also a fully qualified agricultural engineer so understand the machinery from a technical point of view too.

So less about me and more about the machinery eh?! Read my other posts and reviews and keep an eye out for more as they’re published. There is lots to come so please do check back regularly or sign up to the newsletter to keep fully up to date!

I hope you enjoy and if you have a machine you’d like to show off then feel free to contact me. Steve