CLAAS is extending its range of CONVIO FLEX and CONVIO draper cutterbars to include the 930 and 770 models with working widths of 9.30 m and 7.70 m. While the CONVIO is used above all in classic threshing crops, such as cereals and rapeseed, the CONVIO FLEX with its flexible knife bar is also able to achieve top performance in crops such as soybeans, peas, and grass. Assistance systems for controlling the height of the knife bar and the reel, as well as intelligent design features reduce the operator’s workload and keep losses to a minimum. The new cutterbars are integrated optimally in CEBIS. Both models are available for LEXION combine harvesters and the CONVIO FLEX 770 can also be used with the TUCANO. 

CONVIO FLEX for maximum flexibility

Whereas the CONVIO has a rigid knife bar and cutterbar table, these components as well as the side belts are flexible in the CONVIO FLEX. The cutterbar is capable of following the ground contours, thereby ensuring the lowest possible cut across the entire working width. This allows low-fruiting stalk crops, such as soybeans, to be harvested close to the ground with low losses. For cereal harvesting in standing crops, the CONVIO FLEX can be used as a conventional cutterbar with a rigid knife bar and cutterbar table. In laid crops it adapts to the ground contours at the touch of a button and enables low-loss harvesting even with a large working width.

Both CONVIO FLEX and CONVIO are fully suited to rapeseed harvesting. The optional rapeseed equipment includes feed augers at left and right with a diameter of 425 mm in the upper area of the cutterbar rear wall and rapeseed knives which can be fitted and removed without tools. To keep losses to a minimum, the central trough is closed off underneath by rubber lips. The raised rear wall of the cutterbar prevents bouncing grain losses.

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Intelligent operator assistance fully integrated

CONVIO FLEX and CONVIO offer the highest level of operator comfort through a wide range of automatic functions which are fully integrated in the CEBIS terminal. AUTOMATIC BELT SPEED automatically adjusts the speed of the belts to the ground speed of the combine harvester. A belt slippage and stopped belt warning allows the driver to intervene at an early stage – even at night or when dust levels are high – and prevents critical situations from developing.

The reversing function has two modes. A press of a button on the control lever reverses the centre and side belts while the machine is on the move. This allows minor problems to be eliminated easily. A toggle switch on the armrest reverses the reel, the centre belt and the feeder housing.

AUTO CONTOUR: four modes for the best cutting performance

The AUTO CONTOUR automatic cutterbar height control on the CONVIO FLEX has four different operating modes: 

  • In cereal mode, the cutterbar table and knife bar are rigid.
  • When isolated areas of laid crop are encountered, the operator can switch from rigid to flexible mode at the touch of a button while on the move.
  • In flex mode, the knife bar follows the ground contours on skids. With a total flex range of 225 mm (90 mm upward and 135 mm downward), CONVIO FLEX is able to adjust to practically all ground conditions.
  • In AUTO CONTOUR FLEX mode, the cutterbar uses sensor data to determine continuously the best position for an optimal crop flow and ground contour following, as well as the lowest cutting height. This makes for extremely low front attachment losses in low-growing crops.
Photo credit: Claas

Innovative reel with automatic torque control

The newly developed reel with its innovatively shaped, adjustable cam track ensures an optimal crop flow under all conditions. The flip-over concept effectively prevents the crop from wrapping on the reel. In difficult conditions, such as laid crops, the reel lifts the crop before it is cut. In laid cereals in particular, this results in a significant reduction in front attachment losses.

The reel is driven hydraulically. Furthermore, an automatic torque control prevents the tines from digging into the ground. This assistance system always provides the operator with optimal support when adjusting the reel and an even crop flow is ensured. 

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