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The Blog

The Machine Mad blog and content in this site is written by the editor of Machine Mad and all reviews and opinions are my own and 100% honest. I am a PR friendly blogger, and am more than happy to accept experiences, products and services to review. I reserve the right to decline product, experience and service offers if I do not believe these are relevant to the blog or it’s readership and am also under no obligation to publish a blog about a product, experience or service if after testing the experience, product or service is not deemed suitable for recommendation. 

The Machine Mad Blog follows the Word of Mouth Marketing Standards: 

  • Honesty of relationships, opinion and identity.  
  • Blog posts reviews written are my own. 
  • I will always write a fair and balanced post. 

I will state at the bottom of each blog post or within it as to whether I funded the ‘product, service or experience’ myself or whether I was gifted the product or compensated financially. The same will apply to Social Media activity. 

Sponsored or Collaborative Blog Posts 

I am happy to include sponsored or collaborative blog posts on the Machine Mad Blog as long as they are relevant to the readership. I do not guarantee that I have tested the products, services or experiences in these posts myself and if you decide to use the products, services or experiences yourself then you do so at your own risk. For sponsored posts / collaborative blog post I will add a disclosure at the bottom of the blog post stating ‘sponsored blog post’, ‘collaborative blog post in conjunction with…’ or ‘written in association with’. I will inform the reader if items have been gifted and if a post is written in paid partnership. 

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Affiliate links are used throughout the Machine Mad website. Machine Mad uses the Amazon Affiliate Programme. This means I may earn a small percentage of any sales made through this website if someone were to click on the affiliated link. Those using the affiliated link do not pay more for the product. Blog posts and social media posts using affiliate links will be disclosed on the post. All items in the shop are using affiliate links.

What’s On Information, Special Offers and Advertising 

Machine Mad takes no responsibility for any activity, class, group, service, product or event which you use, take part in and your enjoyment as a result of it being shown on this website. Machine Mad take no responsibility for any loss or damage. Your contract is direct with the provider. It is advised that you contact the service provider to confirm times, prices and locations before attending anything. Companies, Adverts and Events listed on Machine Mad and in adverts may not have been tested by Machine Mad and you therefore use their services / products at your own risk and choice. Adverts also appear on the website via Google AdSense which i receive a small payment for, if the advert is clicked. Those listed on the What’s On Calendar or who advertise on the website may have paid for their listing, this will be disclosed. 

Machine Mad may promote Special Offers run by other companies which are of interest to the readership. On occasions Machine Mad may be financially rewarded for promoting these offers – this will be disclosed to the readership. 

There are paid advertising opportunities on this website and associated to this website via Machine Mad Social Media channels, e-newsletters, emails etc. 

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All content and images on this site are copyrighted to Machine Mad. If you wish to use any of the content / images or videos please contact the blog.

This website gives one point of view which may be different from that of another person or source.


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