Greater functionality and ease of operation are central to updates made to the CLAAS ARION 600 and 500 range of tractors for 2020.

The ARION 600/500 range of tractors comprises seven models ranging in maximum power from 125hp up to 185hp. All are available in three different specification levels – CIS or CIS+ with the DRIVESTICK control or CEBIS with the CMOTION multifunction controller and touchscreen terminal. 

For 2020, all ARION 600/500 tractors will be powered by the latest Stage 5 compliant engines. Power outputs remain the same as currently, but do benefit from an improvement in the torque curve at lower revs of between +6% and +14%. For operators, this will provide more torque further down the engine speed range, so will be beneficial for instance when pulling away.

Externally, the 6-cylinder ARION 600 now shares the same smaller SCR catalyst mounted on the front right hand ‘A’ pillar as the 4-cylinder ARION 500, so improving visibility. In addition, new decals on the bonnet panels clearly identify these new Stage 5 tractors.

In addition to these engine updates, operators of CEBIS specification tractors also now benefit from a number of new features that provide them with greater functionality.

With ISOBUS now a standard feature on many implements and machines, as standard ISOBUS UT will now be integrated within CEBIS throughout the whole CLAAS tractor range. This will allow the CEBIS TOUCH screen to be used as a universal terminal instead of needing a separate terminal to set-up and operate ISOBUS machinery. However a terminal such as the CLAAS S10 will still be needed for more advanced ISOBUS functions, such as TC Geo (mapping and variable applications) and TC SC (section control). In addition, ISOBUS sockets are also now optionally available on both the front and rear of the tractor.

With camera’s also being more commonplace on machinery, another new feature is the ability to now link these to the CEBIS screen, again avoiding the need for an additional screen in the cab. For greater safety, the camera can also be set to appear on the screen automatically when reverse is engaged.

All CEBIS specification tractors now have the ability to link an engine speed memo button to an external PTO button. This new feature means that an external PTO button can be used to increase the engine speed, making it ideal for operations such as powering a slurry pump, and so avoiding the need to have to continuously get in and out of the cab.

Externally, the cab access steps now have a flexible bottom step, similar to that found on combines, so as to avoid damage when operating on rough ground. All tractors are also now fitted as standard with an air connection at the top of the left hand steps, making it easy to connect an airline for cleaning down or inflating tyres. The poles on the battery have also been redesigned and extended so that it’s easier to connect jump leads or power leads for fuel pumps.

For greater visibility, all Stage 5 tractors are now fitted as standard with LED flashing beacons. A further new option will also be the availability of a tinted rear window.

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