Round balers with new features for the best forage

As the grassland specialist, Pöttinger always has its focus on harvesting the best forage. The requirements of the market and the users are constantly increasing. The Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer continuously updates its proven machines and their functions. This results in special new developments, outstanding improvements and innovative additional functions for the best working results. This is also clearly in the foreground in the latest development of the IMPRESS round balers.

Bale turner for the IMPRESS

To seal round bales and store them hygienically, they should be stored standing up. In the upright position, the film layers are vertical. The pressure of the contents of the bale expands the film, the film layers are pressed together and the bale is sealed even better. In addition, there are many more layers of film on the flat side and so the protection against external influences is greater. That is why Pöttinger developed a bale turner. The optional bale turner rotates wrapped round bales to be deposited in the vertical position so that they can also be transported away in this position. Perfectly integrated into the wrapping platform, it requires hardly any space, but can be used at any time. It can be engaged from the control panel and deactivated if necessary.

Pottinger Impress Baler and wrapper

Inclination sensor for improved performance on slopes 

The optional inclination sensor on F and V PRO models automatically adjusts the speed of the hydraulic functions on the wrapper to the terrain. This ensures that bales are transferred safely, even on slopes.

IMPRESS 155 VC PRO with inclination sensor
IMPRESS 155 VC PRO with inclination sensor

New on PRO models only

Optional hydraulic knife group selection is now available that can be operated conveniently from the tractor cab.

The PRO models will be equipped without a control terminal in future. This results in a price advantage for customers with a tractor with an ISOBUS control system. A choice of control terminals is then available as an option: POWER CONTROL, EXPERT, CCI 1200. 

Many functions work automatically: binding, tailgate and the pick-up. Semi-automatic function with a play / pause button for all automatic modes.

IMPRESS V without a chopping system

The IMPRESS 155 V and IMPRESS 185 V were developed for use without a chopping system and have been specially optimised for dry crops. The new feed rotor (instead of the chopping rotor) and the 20 percent higher bale chamber speed further increase the throughput capacity. The IMPRESS 155 V is designed for a bale size of 0.8 to 1.55 m, while the IMPRESS 185 V is designed for a bale size of 0.9 to 1.85 m. 

Impress 185 without chopping system

Hay farms in particular appreciate the 3-zone soft core system. This enables infinitely variable adjustment and up to six preselect options to adapt to different operating parameters.

With the IMPRESS round baler, Pöttinger offers exceptional working quality for the best forage and the highest level of convenience and reliability for the professional user.

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