High performance loader wagon for the best working results

The agricultural machinery manufacturer Pöttinger has been working continually on loader wagon developments since 1963. And with great success, seeing as Pöttinger has been the clear No. 1 worldwide in this sector for decades. The high-performance JUMBO loader wagon limousine is Pöttinger’s flagship. With significant technical features and a modern design, the giant loader wagon is equipped to soar to an even higher altitude. 

Reliability –  the key to success 

As harvest windows become shorter and shorter, the performance requirements for the pick-up collecting the crop are constantly increasing. The new pick-up is equipped with 6.0 mm thick DURASTAR tines. The optimised seven row floating pick-up with cam control tracks at either end combines high intake with maximum reliability, even in difficult harvesting conditions.

The optional SUPERLARGE pick-up with a collection width of 2.36 m features hydraulic folding jockey wheels. These are operated conveniently from the control terminal to reduce the transport width to 2.55 m. 

Efficiency and high output

The smooth running and power saving POWERMATIC PLUS loading system is the heart of the JUMBO series. It is robust and designed for almost unlimited tractor power. The rotor and its gearbox deliver high output chopping and compression. The loading rotor with eight rows of tines arranged in a helix takes over the crop perfectly from the pick-up, even with a wet and short crop. The tines guide the forage actively and smoothly through the 34 mm short-chop chopping system. 

The best possible compression can be achieved by an optimised tine shape in combination with the large scraper surfaces inside the loading chamber.

The rotor is mounted directly on the chopping system frame so that it is independent of the driveline in order to protect the gearbox as much as possible even under heavy load.

Powerful drive chains for rapid unloading

In order to reduce the power requirement during loading, the scraper floor has been lowered by 150 mm. When loading begins, a compact, dimensionally stable pack of forage forms at the front end of the loading chamber, and is then drawn continuously backwards by the scraper floor. The pack of forage is also lifted upwards as it is drawn backwards so that the crop fills up the loading chamber perfectly.

Always sharp for a perfect cut

Only really sharp knives can guarantee optimum chopping quality, lower power consumption and increased output. The sharpness of the knives deteriorates continuously during intensive operation. 

AUTOCUT fully automatic sharpening on the loader wagon guarantees the knives are always sharp during operation. Depending on the wear of the knives, simply select the sharpening cycle using the control terminal. As a result the power requirement and therefore the fuel consumption are 15 percent lower, and up to 20 percent lower on stony ground. Time spent on maintenance is greatly reduced (by about 45 minutes per day), because automatic sharpening can take place during a break and the driver does not need to clean and grind the knives after a long working day. In addition, the cleaning comb automatically cleans the space between the blades during each sharpening process, preventing deposits or blockages.

This EASY MOVE swing-out knife bank, a Pöttinger invention, makes light work of changing the knives. The chopping system is hinged out hydraulically and the knife bank can be conveniently folded out alongside the wagon.

New paths for the chassis 

The hydro-pneumatic chassis (tandem and tridem chassis with up to 20 or 27 tonnes) with a wide wheel spacing of 1085 mm on the rigid axle for safe driving characteristics in all situations. The fine-tuning of the suspension considerably increases the comfort for the driver of the giant Austrian loader wagon: depending on the empty and full load, the suspension characteristics are fine-tuned with two separate accumulators on each side. 

The JUMBO is packed with decades of innovative loader wagon technology experience. Satisfied farmers and contractors from various countries confirm: “The loader wagon process guarantees the best forage and silage quality at low harvesting costs and high output thanks to the optimum chopped length.”

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