On Thursday 1st of August we were lucky enough to have a demonstration of the Spider ILD01 remote controlled bank mower cutting overgrown grass vegetation on a site near Reading, Berkshire.

The machine was brought out by Aylesbury based dealer RT Machinery and the Spider importers.

Spider ILD01 remote controlled mower

The mower is capable of cutting flat areas as well as steep banks up to around 55 degrees and has a built in winch to use as an anchor when cutting the steepest of banks or working near drop offs or water.

The mower has a remote control unit with a range of up to 150m although in the long grass we were cutting its best to be within 20-30m of the machine to check for hidden obstructions, on shorter more regularly managed grass then you can take advantage of the full range of the machine.

Given the height and density of the material to be cut the mower performed remarkably well leaving a good finish with only the toughest areas requiring a quick second pass, the shorter grass was cut nicely in just the one pass.

Credit: RT Machinery, Spider demonstration video

The steering of the machine is different to a conventional machine in the fact all four wheels rotate 360 degrees and all turn at exactly the same time which does take a bit of getting used to but is a very manoeuvrable configuration once the skill is mastered and allows the machine to crawl in any direction much like a spider, hence the name!

Built in The Czech Republic the machine is very strong and very well put together, even the blade is capable of cutting heavy brush and small saplings without excessive wear or damage.

In summary, this is an impressive and very capable machine which could hold a place in any grounds maintenance fleet even if bank mowing isn’t the main task.

There are 3 Spider mowers in the range, Spider mini, Spider ILD01 and Spider ILD02, there is also a low height version of the ILD02 designed for working under solar panels.

Many thanks to RT Machinery for bringing the machine out for us to try, you can contact them for demonstrations or sales via their website https://rtmachinery.co.uk/

All views are my own opinion and may differ from others, I am in no way endorsed to write this report by any of the involved parties.

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