Razorback Machinery Demonstrations Available!

As the year seems to move forward with greater pace than the last, we are looking ahead to demonstrating our award-winning range of vegetation management equipment. Whether you have miles of verges that need to be maintained, stale seedbeds to be prepared or grassland to be topped, the Razorback range features a product to suit.

Stimulate stale seedbeds or invigorate grassland.

Available in 5m and 7.5m widths, our RT Series rotary mower not only offers excellent cutting across a variety of residues but combined with the trailed harrow the combination offers operators increased versatility.

With five rows of extra stiff 28” tines that offer higher frequency vibration, the harrow paired with the RT Series mower accelerates straw decomposition and stimulates weed and volunteer chit for more uniform stale seedbeds. Ideally suited as a cultural control measure for reducing slug pressure, the duo can top, shatter and distribute crop residues such as oilseed rape in a single pass.

As well as its value in arable situations the RT Series rotary mower and harrow is also used to reinvigorate tired grassland, aiding better aeration through the lower levels of the sward, and promoting healthier growth. 

Flail Mowers for all applications

From large heavy-duty machines to the smaller versatile mower for compact tractors, the Razorback flail range features a wide selection of models for agriculture, ground care and equestrian operations.  All come with solid construction and quality components as standard, giving the range the well-earned reputation as the reliable, hardworking choice.

We would be delighted to show you our range in person, so to register your interest for a demonstration please get in touch. In the meantime, I have enclosed a copy of our latest brochure for more information.

Razorback Machinery

To arrange a demonstration contact Josh Allen at Razorback on 07494033318 or visit their website https://razorbackuk.com/

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