There’s been a huge transition at Spearhead and the impact is very positive. In a complete restructure of the distribution network, direct partnerships have been established with new importers in 15 European countries. The growth in coverage is substantial, whilst Spearhead is closer than ever to its customers.

Strategically partnering with leading names in each country, customers now enjoy wider availability of the British-made brand. Local knowledge has improved, and after-sales support strengthened.

Says Antony Prince, Spearhead’s Director of Sales & Marketing: “Spearhead has a strong European following. Yet, our old distribution structure kept us too distant from end users. By developing a more direct approach, we can be more competitive, and importantly, more responsive to customer feedback.

It’s taken a lot of thought and discussion to reach this outcome. The benefits are clear. Farmers and contractors now see more outlets stocking Spearhead products. Dealers have extensive brand knowledge. Pricing is more competitive, and we’re completely in tune with the needs of each country.”

Claas alignment in Scandinavia

Looking at Scandinavia, Spearhead now has a strengthened presence across the entire region. Partnerships are in place with all divisions of Danish Agro: Swedish Agro Machinery, Norwegian Agro Machinery, Danish Agro Machinery and Hankkija in Finland.

Danish Agro distributes the Claas brand throughout Scandinavia (and John Deere in Finland). Their showrooms rightly command huge attention. Spearhead joins Horsch and Lemken as the professional brands that complement their product portfolio.

Investing heavily in its storage and logistics, the Swedish Agro Machinery division has created a new, state-of-the-art parts facility to serve northern Europe. Spearhead customers requiring after-sales parts now welcome a rapid service, keeping costly downtime to a minimum. Spearhead has never been so widely accessible in Scandinavia.

Similar direct partnerships now exist in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, The Baltics and Switzerland. The Spearhead brand is more visible, with a robust structure to support its growth.

Customer-focused transition

Such changes deliver benefits in droves. With customer feedback moving directly from each dealership to Spearhead, the company can respond rapidly. Product development will be faster and aligned with specific country needs. Knowledge gathered directly on market trends will ensure a focused approach, with customer needs at the fore.

Finally, fewer links in the distribution chain will positively impact on price, ensuring Spearhead delivers not only robust British quality, but tremendous value too.

“I’m really excited about our new European partnerships. We’ve created the perfect structure for every region to excel in distribution, sales and service for Spearhead customers.” concludes Prince.

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