Precision and efficiency with SYNKRO and TERRADISC

When precipitation is low, consistent and precise stubble cultivation is required. Farmers are recommended to carry out stubble cultivation right after the harvest. This saves precious water, which is necessary for weeds and volunteer seeds to germinate. Shallow incorporation of the volunteer seeds (cereals, oil seed rape and weeds) into the upper soil layer (approx. 5 cm) with combined consolidation creates ideal conditions for rapid germination.

Pöttinger SYNKRO stubble cultivators and TERRADISC compact disc harrows are ideally suited for modern stubble cultivation. 

Without stubble cultivation, water is extracted from the soil by the capillary effect like smoke up a chimney. Water losses can reach 10 to 15 litres per square metre. By incorporating straw into the top layer of soil, the straw starts to degrade. In addition, the soil surface is protected against further drying out. Mechanical weed control is also regaining importance. Multiple cultivation passes create several waves of germination so weeds can be controlled mechanically – a sustainable solution.

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Working precisely and efficiently

Machines with discs or tines are available for efficient stubble cultivation. TERRADISC compact disc harrows are low draft and ensure reliable cutting through of harvest residues without clogging. The ideal working depth starts at 3 – 4 cm and can be adjusted according to the volume of straw. Even on hard and dry soils, the TERRADISC can be used without any problems. Thanks to their solid construction and the aggressively set concave discs, Pöttinger compact disc harrows enter the soil perfectly.

The 2 or 3 row SYNKRO stubble cultivators are an alternative to the compact disc harrow. SYNKRO stubble cultivators are designed for a superior mixing effect, regardless of whether you prefer very shallow or deeper cultivation. Being able to adjust the height and angle of the wings ensures optimum soil penetration and perfect working results. The high working quality of the stubble cultivator ensures reliable penetration even in very dry conditions and excellent mixing in of harvest residues.

Wide selection of rear rollers

For stubble cultivation, Pöttinger recommends the knife ring or CONOROLL rear rollers, which optimally consolidate the mixture of soil and straw. Thanks to the standardized mountings, other rollers – rotopack, cage roller, double bar cage roller or pack ring roller – can be added quickly and easily to the SYNKRO or TERRADISC. 

In a single pass

With the TEGOSEM catch crop sowing unit you can combine soil cultivation and sowing a catch crop in a single pass. That is how you can save time and costs. The TEGOSEM can be combined with PÖTTINGER TERRADISC disc harrows as well as with SYNKRO stubble cultivators. This seed drill can be used together with three-point mounted implements and trailed machines.

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