Pottinger Tegosem Drill

The Pöttinger TEGOSEM cover crop sowing unit used in combination with a LION power harrow or FOX compact combination harrow enables seedbed preparation and sowing of a cover crop to be carried out in a single pass. The TEGOSEM can be mounted on all rigid versions of LION power harrow and on FOX compact combinations with a working width of 3 to 4 metres. 

The TEGOSEM is designed for three-point machines and is equipped complete with mounting brackets and a loading platform. The loading platform, steps and seed hopper form a compact unit which is mounted on the rear roller. They are perfectly integrated and fully comply with the CE directives and safety regulations. 

Precision sowing

The Pöttinger TEGOSEM can be used to sow a wide spectrum of seed material, from mustard to grass and rapeseed through to cereals at a lower seed density. 

The metering system is driven electrically. The seed material is distributed pneumatically using reversible distribution plates. The seed can be deposited either in front of or behind the rear roller. All that is needed is for the distributor rail to be repositioned. The great advantage of placing the seed in front of the rear roller is that the tine rotors cover the seed with soil before the roller passes over. The rear roller consolidates the soil while pressing the seed down at the same time. 

Pottinger Tegosem Drilling
TEGOSEM 200 on a rigid LION 303 power Harrow.

Using a TEGOSEM to sow a cover crop on a LION power harrow or FOX compact combination is increasingly being used with success for the reseeding of grassland – especially following an invasion of white grubs. 

Equipment and operation

The TEGOSEM is fitted as standard with an intuitive control terminal that regulates and monitors the metering shaft and sets the seed flow rate electronically. The metering shaft is controlled electronically independently of driving speed and can be set infinitely-variably from the tractor cab. The control terminal also has a kg/ha display, a priming function, a headland management system, a tank emptying function, automatic calibration and counters for total hours, hours per day, total hectares and hectares per day.

Calibration is easy: the calibration procedure is started by pressing a button located conveniently on the machine. A calibration bag is provided as standard equipment.

The level indicator for monitoring the contents of the seed hopper, a DGPS ground speed sensor, a sensor on the top link for starting and stopping metering, plus the loading platform, are what make the TEGOSEM stand out.

There are also two metering shafts (fine and coarse) that can be interchanged without the need for tools to complete the package.

Pöttinger places great importance on accessibility and ease of filling. As a result, on the rigid three-point machines the unit is mounted on the rear roller. The seed hopper has a volume of 200 litres. 

The technical prerequisite for using the TEGOSEM on a LION or a FOX is a three-pin socket for controlling the machine and the fan drive.

With one of these compact combinations for seeding that can be used for many different applications and are cost-effective and efficient, Pöttinger once again underlines its reputation as a specialist in obtaining the best possible working results.

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