The Energreen Robogreen remote controlled machine has been around for quite a while now under the guise of the Mcconnel Robocut but is now marketed in the UK under the Energreen name and through newly appointed Energreen importers. Mcconnel continue to make their own machine but here we focus on the new Energreen Robogreen Evo.

Energreen Robogreen Evo

The machine was supplied fitted with a grass flail head. The material being cut was tall overgrown roadside grass and weeds with the occasional bit of small willow saplings growing up in the lowest parts of the banked area. The banks were various degrees of steepness right up to nearly vertical.

Ease Of Use

The machine was controlled by remote control unit which attached to the operators waist with a strap which was comfortable when being worn and convenient to be able to let go of the control unit when doing other things.

The control unit had two joystick controls and various switches all within easy reach and logically laid out. The left joystick is used to control forward and reverse and is proportional in its use, there is also a speed control rotary dial to adjust travel speed when required. The right joystick is used to control steering and raise or lower of the attachment.


The machine is powered by a 40hp 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine and seemed to have sufficient power for the flail even in the toughest of vegetation.


The machine performed remarkably well given the height of some of the vegetation easily knocking down thistles that stood over 1.2m high and mulching them up in a single pass, the hydraulic front hood comes into its own with the ability to fully open it up for the long dense material whilst partially closing it for shorter grass to prevent stones and debris flying out excessively.

The quality of finish was good even in the longest material and none of the cut areas required a second pass to get a good finish.

We used the machine on all angles of bank up to the full 55 degrees and it coped well even on the areas with bare soil, the tracks did leave some scrub marks when performing tight turns but these could be much reduced by turning over a larger area and limiting the sharp manoeuvres.

In the wet areas the machine did tend to sink a little but this would be the same with any machine and in my view it performed in areas where a ride on wheeled machine would’ve become stuck.


In summary, this is a very capable and versatile machine in the configuration as tested, I would like to give the machine a trial with some of the many other attachments as I’m sure it is equally capable with these too.

It is a fuel efficient and safe way to cut areas unsuitable to place a person on a traditional ride on machine.

The machine can be fitted with a variety of attachments from flails to forestry mulchers to stump grinders to snowploughs as well as many more, if used to it’s full potential it could prove to be a cost efficient machine that could be used year round and in a variety of industries.

All views on this report are my own and are made from observations and using the machine myself in a true working environment, please see the disclaimer for more details on my reports.

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